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Welcome to my Art Gallery!

About the artist

My Background


Pushing the boundaries of how steel is viewed while staying true to the beauty of the medium, creatively and innovatively accentuating that beauty.

Artist Bialaszewski begin working with steel over 20 years ago. His attention to detail both design and technique is of the most importance in every step of the way.  This can be seen in his execution of each piece of metal artwork.

My Medium


Each piece starts out as a pencil drawing and then becomes a pen and ink drawing which gives artist Bialaszewski the lines that he will plasma cut from sheet steel.

From there we looks to transform the plasma cut steel into layered artwork that shows the beauty of the subject matter while keeping the viewer engaged with the movement of the steel by manipulating the surface to show as a painting.

My Inspiration


Artist Bialaszewski has sold artwork across the entire United States and internationally to museums, galleries, private collectors, businesses and has been providing art to the US Military for over 16 years.  Aaron Bialaszewski holds a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts.

Aaron is also the Master Artist for Military Metal Art Inc.